Electric sauna heaters

HUUM electric sauna heaters stand out with their large amount of sauna stones, ensuring gentle and long-lasting steam. The pure Nordic design of the sauna heaters unveils the natural beauty of sauna stones and has won several awards.

Wood-burning sauna stoves

Enhanced furnace construction of HUUM wood-burning sauna stoves ensures effective and environmentally sustainable utilization of wood. We use materials that guarantee the longevity and durability of our sauna stoves.

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Sauna controllers

The UKU sauna control system is a great way to heat up your sauna with modern technology. You can control it from the local sauna control panel or the HUUM mobile app.

Sauna accessories

Accessories of HUUM sauna heaters and sauna control systems enhance the safety of your sauna experience, increase convenience or complement the design of your steam room.

  • HUUM UKU sauna controller classic black
    HUUM UKU sauna controller classic White
    HUUM UKU sauna controller classic Grey
  • HUUM UKU GLASS sauna design controller
    HUUM UKU GLASS Mirror control panel
    HUUM UKU GLASS Gold control panel