STEEL Mini electric sauna heater

Electric sauna heaters

  • Stylish and eye-catching design
  • Mild and long-lasting steam
  • Control with mobile app
  • Warranty 5 years


STEEL Mini electric sauna heater is the perfect choice for those who want a powerful and efficient sauna heater for their compact home sauna. Its sleek and slim design allows for easy wall mounting, and the short safety distances make it suitable for even the smallest steam rooms. The built-in air tunnel ensures quick heating, and it still holds an impressive 60 kg of sauna stones for gentle and long-lasting steam. Plus, the elegant stainless steel enclosure adds a touch of modern style to any sauna.





  • Power rating (kW) 3,5
  • Steam room min (m³) 3,5
  • Steam room max (m³) 6
  • Holding capacity of sauna rocks (kg) 60
  • Weight (kg) 14,5
  • Height (mm) 975
  • Width (mm) 310
  • Depth (mm) 160


  • Fuse 16 A
  • Supply voltage, 1-phase 1/N~230V
  • Power cable (N x mm²) 3 x 2,5

230V 1N connection is analogous to a 3-phase connection. Division of heating circuits must precede the circuit breaker.

Safety distances

  • A 50 mm
  • B 420 mm
  • C 310 mm
  • D 160 mm
  • H 975 mm
The set includes
  • electric sauna heater
  • adjustable legs
Heater aditionally needs
Design options
  • You can choose a control panel that suits the interior design of your sauna: GLASSCLASSIC, or WOOD
  • The UKU control system set already includes a black plastic control panel CLASSIC Black.
Easy to use
Soft steam
Long-lasting relaxation
Stainless steel
CE certificate
Safety and control
Made in Estonia


HUUM STEEL mini design elecrtic sauna heater

Heater for modern home saunas

STEEL electric sauna heater has been developed for contemporary apartment saunas. Its small measures and powerful construction provide a stylish supplement to the interior. The sauna heater is compatible with UKU sauna control system, which enables to heat the sauna irrespectively of where you are.

Optimized construction of STEEL sauna heater has small safety distances, and its internal air tunnel assures effective air flow and expedites sauna heating by 25%. In addition, it prolongs the useful life of the heating elements. According to the experts, you’ll need 50 kg of sauna rocks for a mild steam. STEEL electric sauna heater holds as much as 150 kg of stones, and the wall-mountable STEEL Mini fits 60 kg of sauna rocks.

Made in Estonia

STEEL and CLIFF sauna heaters that have minimized ecological footprint

STEEL electric sauna heaters form inseparable pairs with award-winning CLIFF electric sauna heaters. One could not exist without the other. These two sauna heaters are produced from the same stainless steel sheet. Fins of CLIFF sauna heaters are made of the cutouts of STEEL sauna heaters, which ensures that all material is utilized and there is no excessive waste.

Our daily mission is to elaborate environment-friendly production methods, so that we could hand the nature in its current beauty down to our offspring.

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