Awards and certificates

HUUM hive electric sauna heater in sauna

Three products of HUUM have won the world’s most prestigious Red Dot design award

Red Dot is the world’s most prestigious design award. This design competition was launched in Germany by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. By now, reputable Red Dot design award has become a recognized quality label. Red Dot design award since 1955 has been given to the best products of the year, ranging from fashion to consumer electronics, vehicles, medical appliances and furniture.


As of 2022, eleven Estonian products have won the Red Dot award, three of which belong to HUUM.


#1 DROP electric sauna heaterRed Dot award 2015

  • Design: Mihkel Masso
  • Statement of the jury: “The app-controlled, cutting-edge technology of this stove makes a beneficial sauna experience a simple matter”.


# 2 CLIFF electric sauna heater Red Dot award 2021

  • Design: Mihkel Güsson; engineer: Anti Reiman
  • Statement of the jury: “The design of the CLIFF heater manages to unite a high-quality aesthetic with a space-saving construction, which is carefully adapted to small saunas”.


#3 UKU sauna control systemRed Dot award 2021

  • Design: Mihkel Güsson, Maarja Lind; design of the mobile app: Keijo Kraus
  • Statement of the jury: “Thanks to the convenient remote-control option, the UKU console solves the problem of having to wait for home saunas to heat up. The handy operating element features a pleasingly clean design”.

HUUM RedDot award and BimSchV II certified products

  • huum drop elecrtic sauna heater
    1. Red Dot award 2015
  • HUUM CLIFF design elecrtic sauna heater
    1. RedDot Winner 2021
    2. European Product Design Award Winner 2023
    1. RedDot Winner 2021
  • HIVE Heat wood burning sauna heater
    1. BimSchV II

For us, it is important that everything we do is done well and with the heart.

We implement daily measures to ensure that our products and our business operations conform with the strictest quality requirements. It is essential for us to assure the amenities and functionality of our work environment, and environmental friendliness and durability of our products and security of their supply. In manufacturing the product, a quality management system that is compliant with ISO 9001 standards has been implemented, which is recognized by Bureau Veritas Certification.

  • ISO 9001 certificate

    ISO 9001 international quality management system certificate.

  • BimSchV II certificate

    The HUUM wood-burning heater HIVE Heat complies with one of the world's strictest German BimSchV II environmental standards for wood-burning stoves.

  • Certificate “Eeskujulik Ettevõte”

    Certificate “Eeskujulik Ettevõte” affirms the absence of tax arrears, and confirms that clients or partners have not submitted any complaints and claims against the company.

  • Red Dot product design awards

    DROP electric sauna heater won the award in 2015, CLIFF electric sauna heater in 2021, and UKU sauna control system in 2021.

  • Golden Egg – 2014.

    Bronze Egg for company graphics – 2014. Visual identity of HUUM. Trade mark logo and visual elements are designed by Helene Vetik and Karl Saluveer.

  • Annual award of the Estonian Society of Interior Architects

    Favorite of the Public – 2014. DROP electric sauna heater.

  • Estonian design awards

    Mentioned work – 2014. DROP electric sauna heater.

  • Product design award Bruno

    Readers’ Choice – 2014. DROP electric sauna heater.