Digi-diagnostics program of Enterprise Estonia

HUUM OÜ received a grant from Enterprise Estoniafor conducting digi-diagnostics project EU60295.

Since October 2018, Enterprise Estonia has offered companies the opportunity to apply for support for funding diagnostics of digitization and automation.

  • Digi-diagnostics encompasses a thorough analysis of manufacturing establishments that gives an overview of the possibilities for enhancing production and the impact of respective changes on economic indicators.
  • Digi-diagnostics maps options for utilizing digitization and automation for the facilitation of the company’s manufacturing processes.


Support from Enterprise Estonia enabled HUUM to transition to a novel software asset management tool ODOO that complies with the needs of the company. HUUM has grown rapidly over recent years, and the prerequisite for the estimated continual development is the implementation of appropriate systems. Digi-audit helped the company in identifying relevant hindrances and particular solutions for overcoming them via automation and digitization.