CLIFF Mini electric sauna heater

Electric sauna heaters

  • Environmentally conscious design
  • Mild and long-lasting steam
  • Control with mobile app
  • Warranty 5 years


CLIFF Mini electric sauna heater is a slimmer, wall-mounted version of the award-winning CLIFF heater. Inspired by northern coastal cliffs, this heater catches the eye with its stone-emphasized design. What makes both CLIFF heaters unique is their innovative and eco-friendly construction. The ribs of CLIFF heaters are created from cutouts generated during the production of STEEL electric heaters. This eliminates material waste and allows two heaters to be made from the same stainless steel sheet. Despite its slender form, CLIFF Mini can hold plenty of heating stones, providing a mild and long-lasting steam experience. The built-in air tunnel ensures fast heating. With a safety distance of only 6 cm from the walls, CLIFF Mini is easy to place even in smaller home saunas.




  • Power rating (kW) 3,5
  • Steam room min (m³) 3,5
  • Steam room max (m³) 6
  • Holding capacity of sauna rocks (kg) 60
  • Weight (kg) 15
  • Height (mm) 975
  • Width (mm) 270
  • Depth (mm) 160


  • Fuse 16 A
  • Supply voltage, 1-phase 1/N~230V
  • Power cable (N x mm²) 3 x 2,5

Safety distances

  • A 60 mm
  • B 390 mm
  • C 270 mm
  • D 160 mm
  • H 975 mm
The set includes
  • electric sauna heater
  • adjustable legs
Heater aditionally needs
Design options
  • You can choose a control panel that suits the interior design of your sauna: GLASSCLASSIC, or WOOD
  • The UKU control system set already includes a black plastic control panel CLASSIC Black.
Easy to use
Soft steam
Long-lasting relaxation
Stainless steel
CE certificate
Safety and control
Made in Estonia


HUUM CLIFF mini detail design sauna heater

Sauna heaters for small steam rooms

CLIFF electric sauna heater has been developed with a focus on apartment saunas. It’s a classy alternative for electric sauna heaters that hold a small amount of sauna stones and often provide sharp and abrupt steam. The compactness of this sauna heater doesn’t mean any compromises on appearance.

Well-planned construction ensures the efficiency and small safety distances of the slim CLIFF sauna heater. Internal air tunnel ensures effective air flow and expedites sauna heating by 25%. In addition, it prolongs the useful life of the heating elements. You’ll need 50 kg of sauna stones for mild steam. CLIFF electric sauna heater holds as much as 75 kg of stones, and the wall-mountable CLIFF Mini fits 60 kg of sauna stones.

Made in Estonia

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