UKU Local

Sauna controllers

  • Smart sauna control system
  • Control from the control panel on the wall
  • Sleek and intuitive design
  • Warranty 5 years


UKU Local control system is perfect if you prefer to heat your sauna on the spot or don’t have a network connection in your location. With the stylish control panel on the wall, you can easily adjust the temperature, heating time, and more.

You can also connect the sauna lighting, ventilation, and steamer to the control system for added convenience. Overheating protection and a child lock take care of the safety of your sauna. If you change your mind and want to control the sauna from the app, you can simply add Wi-Fi capability later.

The control system set comes with a sleek CLASSIC Black control panel, but you can choose different casing designs to match your style: CLASSICGLASS and WOOD.


Read our blog to find out how to choose the right controller for the electric sauna heater

  • For heaters with power up to (kW): 18
  • Temperature (C): 40-110
  • Power supply:  3/N~400V | 1/N~230V
  • Heating time (h): 3; 6; 9; 12
  • Sauna controller: only from the control panel
Set includes
  • CLASSIC sauna control panel
  • Cable for the sauna control panel (3 m; 4 x 0.34 mm²)
  • Main module
  • Temperature sensor
  • door sensor
  • Cables for temperature and door sensors (5+5 m; 2 x 0.22 mm²)
Design options

To complement the interior design of the sauna, it is possible to choose control panels with different designs: GLASS, CLASSIC or WOOD

  1. RedDot Winner 2021
Easy to use
CE certificate
Safety and control
Made in Estonia


  • HUUM UKU GLASS sauna design controller
    HUUM UKU GLASS Mirror control panel
    HUUM UKU GLASS Gold control panel
  • HUUM UKU sauna controller classic black
    HUUM UKU sauna controller classic White
    HUUM UKU sauna controller classic Grey
  • Award-winning design

  • Nature-inspired sauna heaters

  • Generations of experience

  • gentle and long-lasting steam

  • Developed and produced in Estonia

  • Innovative technology

  • Award-winning design
  • Nature-inspired sauna heaters
  • Generations of experience
  • gentle and long-lasting steam
juhi oma sauna telefonist HUUM UKU mobile app

HUUM app controls the sauna from a smartphone

With just a few clicks from your phone, the HUUM mobile app allows you to heat your sauna before you even get home.

HUUM UKU mobile app

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