Which sauna stones are suitable for HUUM sauna heaters?

Updated July 14, 2022

  • Proper sauna stones accumulate the heat and dissipate it slowly; they are durable and withstand high temperatures. Therefore, high-density and heavy stones should be used as sauna stones.
  • We recommend using round sauna stones with variable size in HUUM sauna heaters. This ensures that water moves between the layers of sauna stones and evaporates gradually, instead of vaporizing at once into the air from the top layer. In addition – the round and soft shape of sauna stones supplements the design of our sauna heaters.
  • Our product range includes round olivine diabase sauna stones that are available with two diameters: 3–5 cm and 5–10 cm. Olivine diabase is a heavy rock, and its approximate density is 3.5 kg/dm3. It is very valuable as a sauna stone because of its durability and high thermal capacity.
  • Of course, other sauna stones may also be used in HUUM sauna heaters, but in such case it is recommended to choose stones that are specifically meant to be used in sauna heaters, and to avoid decorative stones as they may break easily. For example, granite fieldstones are perfectly suitable for sauna stoves.

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