Sauna steam – which principles apply to throwing water on sauna stones?

Updated July 14, 2022

Let’s talk about sauna steam. The air of the hot sauna becomes dry, and hence traditionally water is thrown on the sauna stones to obtain a pleasant level of humidity. Throwing water on the hot sauna stones enables you to raise the humidity and the apparent temperature according to your preferences.

  • Sauna stones must be hot

The time is right for throwing the water on sauna stones when the stones are hot enough for complete vaporization of the water. You can try this by throwing a small amount of water.

  • Use clean and warm water to add the steam

It is wise to use hot tap water to prevent the stones from breaking from the abrupt temperature change. Water should be clean, and if possible, avoid hard water and water that has a high iron content.

  • Use a small amount of water at once

We recommend throwing approximately 80 ml of water at a time. If you desire more steam, wait a few minutes and throw the same amount of water on the sauna stones. This allows the stones to dry in the meantime and regain their heat. If you notice that water runs out from the bottom of the heater, it means you have poured too much water or that the stones are not hot enough.

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