Installation of UKU sauna control system

Updated October 5, 2022

Installation of UKU sauna control system

Downloadable user manual: HUUM UKU Manual

Contents of the set
Functions of the control system
Important considerations before installation
Installation of UKU sauna control system


Contents of the set

UKU sauna control system set contains all components that are necessary for mounting and using the control system:

  • Sauna control panel (CLASSIC Black)
  • Main module (132 mm x 200 mm x 400 mm)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Door sensor
  • Cables for temperature and door sensors (5+5 m; 2 x 0.22 mm²)
  • Connection cable for the sauna control panel (3 m; 4 x 0.34 mm²)

Functions of the control system


  • Child lock
    The child lock function ensures safety when using the sauna control panel in families with small children.
  • Steamer
    The steamer function enables one to configure the intensity of the steamer that is connected to the control system.
  • Lighting
    The lighting function enables one to switch the sauna room lighting fitting that is connected to the control system on or off.
  • Steamer safety
    This is a safety function that informs you when the steamer has run low on water.
  • Heating time
    You can use the settings of the control panel for configuring the maximum heating time – the control system switches the sauna heater off automatically when the preset time has passed.
  • Temperature unit
    You can select the desired unit for the sauna temperature.
  • Heating algorithm
    You can select between simple and smart heating algorithms. Simple algorithm keeps all heating elements switched on until the desired target temperature is achieved. Smart algorithm starts gradually turning the heating elements off before the target temperature is reached. Smart algorithm helps to reduce the consumption of electricity, especially in heaters where the quantity of sauna stones is big (> 50 kg).
  • Vent/light
    This function enables one to automatically switch the ventilation system or sauna lighting fitting that is connected to the control system on for 10, 15 or 20 minutes whenever the door is opened.
  • Timer
    You can configure the start time for sauna heating with increments of 30 minutes.
  • Door sensor
    The door sensor enables one to prevent overheating and switches the sauna heater off when the steam room door is open.
  • Temperature sensor with overheating protection
    Overheating protection is employed when the temperature of the sauna room has risen to approximately 130 degrees in order to prevent thermal damage.


Important considerations before installation


Before installing the unit, read the user manual carefully. This enables one to utilize all the necessary functions and prevent accidents that may arise from ignorance.

  • Only an electrician or a specialist with equivalent qualification may install the unit.
  • Installation and maintenance works may only be performed when the unit is not powered on.
  • If you encounter problems that are not covered in the user manual of the UKU sauna control system, contact the distributor of the unit for advice.
  • It is forbidden to modify or remodel the unit without authorization.
  • Ensure that the cross-section of the cabling between the building’s switchboard and the main module and the sauna heater is sufficient. Proper cross-section depends on the power rating of the sauna heater and is provided in the user manual of the sauna heater.
  • In the case of an older building, check the condition of the junction boxes and, if possible, install a new cable between the switchboard and the sauna. Install a separate current protection device for the sauna.
  • It is recommended to connect the unit to the mains power supply without an earth leakage circuit breaker.
  • UKU sauna control system is meant to be used with equipment that complies with the requirements stipulated in EN 60335-2-53:2011.

Installation of UKU sauna control system


  • Before installing the unit, disconnect the supply current of the respective cables from the switchboard.
  • The sauna control panel must be installed outside the steam room.
  • If your main module supports Wi-Fi or 4G connection, choose a location with signal propagation. Insulated spaces and cabinets (such as the sauna room or metal switchboards) are not suitable.
  • The main module must be installed in a dry place. Protection degree of the device is IP65.
  • In order to prevent damage, ensure that the temperature of the operating environment of the main module remains between -20 °C and 50 °C. Relative humidity of the room should not exceed 95%.


Detailed instructions for mounting the main module, the control panel, the door sensor and the temperature sensor of the UKU sauna control system are provided in the user manual of the UKU sauna control system: HUUM UKU Manual

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