HUUM sauna heaters – what to consider before making a purchase?

Updated September 23, 2022

What makes HUUM sauna heaters special?

HUUM sauna heaters stand out with their design that has won international awards, high quality, and the particularly mild and long-lasting steam. The pure Nordic design of the sauna heaters is inspired by nature and unveils the natural beauty of sauna rocks.


HUUM sauna heaters have a large holding capacity of sauna rocks, which ensures gentle steam that resembles traditional wood-fired saunas. Craftsmanship of sauna heaters involves just a little amount of metal – therefore, the majority of the heat derives from the stones, and not from the metal. This maximizes the proportion of beneficial negative ions in the steam room air.


HUUM electric sauna heaters are controlled with smart UKU sauna control system, which enable one to configure the heating time and temperature settings. It is also possible to connect the control systems to sauna ventilation or lighting devices. UKU Wi-Fi and UKU 4G sauna control systems are compatible with the HUUM mobile app – you can start heating your sauna from your phone, irrespective of where you are.

What are the size parameters of steam rooms where HUUM sauna heaters can be used?

The selection of HUUM sauna heaters includes models that are suitable for smaller or larger steam rooms with cubic sizes varying in the range of 3.5–35 m³.

How to determine which power rating of the sauna heater is proper for a particular sauna?

Power rating of a suitable sauna heater depends on the steam room’s size and insulation.


As a rule of thumb, heating 1 m³ of the steam room requires 1 kW of power. When the capacity of the heater is too low, it heats the sauna slowly, does not provide enough steam, and might burn out faster. A heater that has excessive capacity does not cause problems if it is equipped with a thermostat and used correctly.


Another important consideration is insulation of the steam room. In the case that there are uninsulated walls made of bricks, tiles, glass or logs in the steam room, an additional volume of 1.5 m³ per each such square meter of the wall should be added to the cubic size of the steam room.


You can use our sauna calculator for determining the cubic size of the steam room. If you wish to calculate the cubic size of the steam room yourself, multiply the length by the width and the height in meters. Then calculate the surface area (m²) of uninsulated brick, tile, glass or log walls, multiply it by 1.5 and add it to the previous result. As a result, you’ll have your steam room cubic size (m³), which is the basis for establishing the proper power rating of the sauna heater. If the capacity falls between two different values, we recommend choosing the sauna heater that has a higher power rating.

How long does is take to heat the sauna?

If the sauna heater has the right size, it raises the temperature by approximately 10 °C within 8 minutes, and heats the steam room to 80 °C within an hour.

Which sauna stones can be used in HUUM sauna heaters?

We recommend using natural and round sauna stones. Our product range includes olivine diabase sauna stones that are light gray, round, durable, and have a high thermal capacity. It is not recommended to use decorative stones in sauna heaters as such stones can easily break.

Which material are HUUM sauna heaters made of?

HUUM sauna heaters are made of stainless steel. Page “Craftsmanship” provides more information on the production process.

Where are HUUM sauna heaters produced?

All HUUM sauna heaters and sauna controllers are made in Estonia.

Where are HUUM sauna heaters available?

Page “Distributors” includes the list of shops, e-stores and sauna building companies that sell HUUM sauna heaters.

How long is the warranty period of sauna heaters?

HUUM sauna heaters have a 5-year guarantee.

What does the sauna heater set contain?

The set contains the sauna heater, and depending on the chosen model, adjustable legs or a wall mount. Sauna stones, the sauna controller and the power cable are not included in the set.

Who should mount the electric sauna heater?

Only a certified electrician may install the cables and connect the heater to the power supply.

Which cabling is required for installing the sauna heater?

Instructions for mounting the cables are provided in the product’s installation manual. The cables should be installed by a certified electrician.

Is it possible to replace an existing sauna heater with a HUUM heater?


Does your current sauna heater have a controller, or is it a mechanical heater?


If your sauna heater supports using a controller and has a temperature adjustment function, you can simply replace the heater. Install the heater in accordance with the product’s installation manual and with the help of a certified electrician.


Do you have a mechanical sauna heater that is not equipped with a controller and has an attached switch?


In such case you will also need a sauna controller that has a temperature adjustment function. You should also set up some cables. Install the heater in accordance with the product’s installation manual and with the help of a certified electrician. Please note that you’ll most likely need to also install some cables inside the wall when you mount the sauna heater.

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