HUUM app – setting up the mobile app functionality

Updated July 14, 2022

HUUM app is operable with UKU control system models that support establishing connections with Wi-Fi and 4G networks. HUUM mobile app enables you to heat your sauna conveniently, irrespective of where you are. The application allows you to select start and end times for sauna heating, to set the desired temperature, and to check the current temperature in real-time.

1. Download the HUUM mobile app (or open the HUUM web app)
2. Sign up

Fill in the required fields and create a user account for the application.

3. Bind the control system ID with your user account
The control system ID (XXXXXX) is also the ID of your sauna. The respective code is provided on the sticker that is attached to the top right corner of the main module cover. If the UKU Wi-Fi control system is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it promptly connects to the mobile app. UKU 4G control system establishes a connection with a mobile data communication network within 30 minutes.
4. Check the performance of the app functions

Try switching some functions on in order to verify that they work properly and are communicated to the sauna (e.g., select different temperature and heating time settings, or switch the sauna heater on and off). For example, the mobile app enables to configure the desired temperature, and to select start and end times for sauna heating. The function should apply within 60 seconds after selecting the respective command from the menu.


5. Start heating the sauna


Once you have selected the target temperature and other suitable parameters, switch on the sauna heater. The mobile app enables one to monitor the current sauna temperature in real-time. You will receive a notification when the sauna is ready.


6. Update the app


Update the HUUM mobile app regularly to ensure its proper functioning. We recommend switching on automatic updates.

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