How to keep the sauna clean?

Updated July 14, 2022

Between heating, when the sauna is not hot, but there is still a lot of humidity, unwanted bacteria may start thriving in the sauna. To avoid this, it is important to take care of the cleanliness of the sauna. Here are some useful tips for keeping your sauna clean.

  • Take a shower before starting your sauna session.
  • Before taking a seat on the sauna bench, put something on it – a towel or a special sitting mat that can be easily cleaned afterwards. This prevents the accumulation of sweat on the sauna bench.
  • Clean the steam room, the sauna bench and the shower room regularly with a disinfecting detergent. Don’t forget drainage!
  • The sauna bench, the walls and the floor should be thoroughly cleaned with a scrubbing brush and a sauna cleaning agent twice a year.
  • Wipe the dust and dirt from the sauna heater with a moist cloth.
  • After using the sauna, open the windows and doors, and let the rooms dry.

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