How should sauna stones be placed in HUUM sauna heaters?

Updated July 14, 2022

Placement of sauna stones significantly affects the quality of the steam. In order to fill the whole space of the sauna heater properly, use smaller and larger stones.

  • Sort out bigger and smaller stones

First, take all the sauna stones out of the boxes and separate the smaller stones.

  • Fill the sauna heater layer by layer

Stack the sauna stones by layers – start from the bottom of the sauna heater and move towards the top. Stones should also be placed between the heating elements. If you first place sauna stones on one side only, the heating elements might deform or break. Start with bigger stones, and use smaller stones for filling the round parts of the heater and places where there is less space.

  • Heating elements should not remain exposed

Leave sufficient gaps for air movement between the sauna stones, and don’t place stones too tightly around the heating elements. Ensure that the heating elements are completely covered and not visible from the exterior surface of the sauna heater. This is important as throwing water directly on the heating elements might damage them. It will also reduce the quality of the steam. Water should evaporate from the sauna stones and not from the heating elements. The top layer of sauna stones should be as dense as possible – this is where the heat arising from below accumulates.


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