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What kind of stones are suitable for HUUM heaters?

A good sauna stone has to accumulate heat, release it slowly and be heat resistant. For this purpose, dense and heavy stones are a good option. We highly recommend using rounded stones in HUUM heaters to compliment the design and have a milder steam.
In our selection we have rounded olivine diabase stones in 2 different size ranges: 3-5 cm and 5-10 cm. Olivine diabase is a really heavy stone, with a density of approximately 3.5 kg/dm3. It is highly valued as a sauna stone for its durability and high heat capacity. Of course, you can also use other types of stones in HUUM heaters, except decorative stones because they can break easily.

Do the stones require preparation before using?

It is a good idea to wash the stones before actually placing them in the heater. This way you can remove the dust and get a healthy steam. Before using them for your first sauna session you should heat them to the normal sauna temperature and let them cool down slowly. Do not throw any water on the stones while you do this. This process is called annealing and it will help to make the stones more durable. After these steps your stones are ready to be used.

How to arrange the stones?

The way the stones are placed in the heater strongly affects the quality of the steam. You should use both bigger and smaller stones to fill the space properly. First, take out all the stones and separate the smaller ones. Then start stacking the stones layer by layer starting from the bottom, working your way up. If you only place stones on one side first, you risk deforming and breaking the heating elements. Start with bigger stones and use smaller ones to fill the rounded parts or areas with less space. Leave enough space between the stones for the air to move and do not place the stones too tightly around the heating elements. At the same time, the heating elements should still be completely covered and not visible. This is important because throwing water on the heating elements is not good for them and it also does not give the best steam. Water should evaporate from the stones and not from the heating elements. Keep stacking the stones and when you reach the top layer, place the stones more tightly – that is where you would want all the heat to accumulate.

When do I need to replace the stones?

Sauna stones do not last forever. With time and frequent use, they eventually start crumbling. That is why every now and then they should be replaced with new stones. A simple way to understand if your sauna stones may need replacing is when you notice that sauna heating takes more time than usual. This may be caused by the smaller stone pieces blocking the air passages between the stones. In any case, you should check your stones once a year or approximately after 300 hours of heating. To do so, you should remove all the stones from your heater and evaluate their condition. You could remove and replace the crumbled ones and then clean the remaining ones. Then again, it might be more convenient to replace all the stones at the same time

How many stones do I need?

This depends on your heater.

  • DROP: 55 kg of 5-10 cm stones
  • HIVE: 270 of 5-10 cm stones
  • HIVE with an air tunnel: 230 kg of 5-10 cm stones
  • HIVE Mini: 170 kg of 5-10 cm stones
  • HIVE Mini with an air tunnel: 130 kg of 5-10 cm stones
  • CLIFF Mini: 60 kg of 3-5 cm stones
  • CLIFF: 75 kg of 3-5 cm stones
  • STEEL Mini: 60 kg of 3-5 cm stones
  • STEEL: 150 kg of 3-5 cm stones
  • HIVE Wood 13 kW: 90 kg of 5-10 cm stones
  • HIVE Wood 17 kW: 130 kg of 5-10 cm stones
  • HIVE Heat 12 kW: 90 kg of 5-10 cm stones
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