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Smart Heat project is carried out under the Interreg Estonia-Latvia programme.

The main objective of the project is to develop a wireless wall-mounted control panel that both partners can add to their product portfolios while operating in different market segments: HUUM in smart sauna systems and Istabai in smart home automation systems.

Products and solutions of both companies will be promoted through a joint marketing campaign to help each other enter new markets and secure new clients.

An invaluable added benefit of international cooperation is raising the expertise and know-how of both companies and, ultimately, strengthening their foothold and reputation as leading technology companies in their respective countries.

Main activities                                                                                

  • developing the control panel and the contactor box (employing the wireless and radio technology expertise of Istabai and GSM and technical design knowledge of HUUM)
  • joint marketing campaign (conference attendance, business trips, increasing the online presence of both companies and connecting their online channels, producing joint promotional materials)



Project partners: HUUM Ltd. (lead partner) and Istabai Ltd.
Project period: 1.06.2018-31.01.2020
Total budget: 257,675.00 €
ERDF contribution: 219,023.75 €
Contact person: Henrik Ling /

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