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EST-LAT program

The EST-LAT program enabled cooperation between two very smart companies from different market segments. These were HUUM OÜ, an Estonian company whose area of activity is smart sauna systems, and ISTABAI SIA, a Latvian company that is focused on automation systems for smart homes. 

Thanks to the program, the companies were able to develop a wireless wall-mounted control panel.

International cooperation with ISTABAI encouraged the manufacturer of sauna heaters to shift their focus even more to developing digital solutions. ‘Development activities enable us to continue realizing our potential for growth through strong design and development of digital solutions, which have led to success so far,’ said Siim Nellis, founder of HUUM OÜ. ‘Thanks to the program, we were able to further develop our sauna products and innovative solutions,’ added Nellis.

When replacing old button-operated sauna heaters with new ones, clients were often faced with the problem of having to purchase separate equipment and install new wiring for the new controller. ‘This would require taking off the wall paneling or abandoning the idea of upgrading to a better heater to opt for a simpler, button-operated heater,’ said Henrik Ling, IT Development Manager at HUUM OÜ. ‘We wanted to make things simpler for both the client and the sauna builder by designing our controller so that it does not require a separate cable and can be easily attached to the wall,’ adds Ling.

The pre-sale of wireless controllers was launched in October 2018 at the Interbad trade fair in Stuttgart, the world’s largest sauna-themed trade fair. Feedback from the target group who got acquainted with the wireless controller has been extremely positive, which is why the program can be considered a success.

Program partners: HUUM Ltd. (lead partner) and Istabai Ltd.
Program period: 1.06.2018-31.01.2020

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