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Introducing our new HUUM app!

After months of hard work, we’re happy to let you know that your new remote sauna control is now ready – the new HUUM mobile app!

With a fresh, new look and revamped set of features (with more to come in future updates), we believe that it has never been easier to heat your sauna from a distance. Check out our new Android and iOS app and start heating your sauna with just a couple of clicks on your phone.

To be able to use the new HUUM app, you’ll need to download it from Google Play or App Store and log in with your existing HUUM account (or create a new if you are not a HUUM user yet) – you’ll notice it has a slightly different design and some new functions. The new HUUM mobile app works with our UKU Wi-Fi and GSM controllers. If you have a Local sauna controller and wish to update to UKU Wi-Fi to use the mobile app, let us know at

New features

The launch of our new app is a big step for HUUM and we really hope that you’ll like all the new things that we have in store for you. Like in our old app, you still can heat your sauna with just a simple click as well as use the timer function to choose the beginning time of the heating.


The calendar can be especially useful for public saunas that are being used by many different people and booking a time for a sauna session can be a hassle. With the calendar function, you have a clear overview of when the sauna is being used, book your own time in the sauna and even invite your friends to join. 

If you have a home sauna you can still use the calendar to book several sauna sessions in advance. For example, if you wish to go to the sauna every Saturday night at 8 o’clock, you can book these sauna sessions in advance.  


We also added some statistics about sauna use like average temperature and sauna session time. You can also have an overview of how long it takes to heat up your sauna to the desired temperature. We hope to improve the statistics part over time so let us know what kind of data you wish to see about your sauna. We´ll try to make it happen! 

Important notes: 

  • We are still working on adding more languages to the app. We hope to add Estonian, German, Swedish, Finnish, and Russian languages very soon.
  • At the moment, the maximum heating time is set for 3h/ 6h and can be changed from the control panel on the wall. With the upcoming software update for the controller, we will add 12 h and 18 h for public saunas and spas. You will get a notification about this update in your app soon. 
  • The old HUUM app can still be used on the computer desktop. Just type in and control your sauna from a desktop. 
  • For those of you who still have the very first UKU controllers (Sauna ID number beginning with 100..), your new HUUM app is missing some new functions. If you are one of those people, please let us know at and we will try to find a solution for it.
  • You can find the ID and code to connect your sauna with the app from the cover box of the UKU controller’s main module. 

Feedback makes the app grow stronger

With that said, we really want to hear your feedback and use it to improve our app. To get in touch, you can send us feedback via email at


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